John Jay, the first Chief Justice of the Supreme Court in America had this to say, "No human society has ever been able to maintain both order and freedom, both cohesiveness and liberty apart from the moral precepts of the Christian religion. Should our Republic ever forget this fundamental precept of governance, we will then, be surely doomed”… John Jay was one of the authors of America’s Constitution and the 2nd Amendment.

The proper definition of the word 'religion' is “one's heartfelt belief.” Under this definition everybody is possessed of a “heartfelt belief.” Everyone without exception is religious and has their own heartfelt belief. All Christians, believers that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, are religious. All Jews are religious.  All Muslims are religious. All those who follow the persuasions of Satan are religious. All Hindus and Budhists are religious. All Secularist’s are religious. Even people that say they aren’t religious are religious because their lack of belief is their heartfelt belief – their religion.

The Communist, satanic, anti-god Vladimir Lenin said “People think in words and how they interpret words IS WHO THEY ARE." Lenin told his generals, “We must invent words and change the definition of words so we can mold the people into what we want.” His knowledge of the human psyche and how to use it has led to twisted minds and definitions in not only the USSR but around the world, especially America. For instance, the word for sodomy has become “gay.” The term for adultery has become “having an affair.”

What about the word moral? The definition of moral has been swallowed up in our immoral and amoral lifestyle to mean something like "nice," while the tried and true definition of the word "Moral" remains: God’s rules of action and interaction.         

So this leads us to the meaning of words as they pertain to firearms, and the re-definition of some words. The definition of the term "semi-automatic rifle," for example, has popularly and in the media-establishment been skewed to mean “assault rifle," which, however, turns out to be a term used to instill fear and negative attitudes and thoughts in people.

The problem lies in the fact that a semi-automatic rifle is not an assault rifle at all.  Rather, an assault rifle is a rifle that can be fired either in the full automatic mode, as a machine gun, or in semi automatic, requiring a pull of the trigger for each shot. In this understanding, assault rifles are selective fire machine guns, which are and have been illegal, but everybody knows that.

My, my how we’ve changed the definition of words to accommodate our actions and goals. But this should come as no surprise, if you are a nation acting under the persuasions of Satan instead of under the Transcendental laws of God and Christianity, which America was founded under, then we should expect the fear and hatred we are living with.

Christians wrote the 2nd amendment while people other than Christians want it out of the way of their agenda, and they skew definitions to redefine the culture. I’m supposed to trust this government but when it comes to verifying it’s words based on its morality and actions, the ungodly stench of treachery gets overwhelming.

President Reagan said: "Trust; but verify."  Morality is under assault by people functioning under the persuasions of Satan, who change the meanings of words for their own purposes.  The only crime in their eyes is to verify, rather falsify, what they say.  

Is there a place for Christianity or the Second Amendment in modern America any more?