A Tidbit about the .45ACP

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In ‘95 I was invited to attend the OPWC (Objective Personal Weapons Conference) in Oak Ridge, Tennessee. The Federal Government held the conference at the same facility where they tested atom bombs.

At OPWC a few of us from the gun industry and others knowledgeable about firearms attended to listen to firearm end-users in the military and police agencies including the IRS, Post Office and others. The end-users got up and told of their experiences in shooting instances.

On the other hand, the gun makers were there to listen and to talk, and to eventually designate one gun that would fit all the needs of these governmental end-users. Well, the one gun idea quickly changed to two guns, a rifle and handgun, that would handle all the needs of everybody.

When it came to handguns, one gentleman, who had studied over 4,000 shootings, got up and gave a long talk about the qualities of various calibers with respect to what they did to the human body.  His was not a theoretical discussion.  He discussed case by case not only what these rounds did to flesh and bone, but the facts of the shooting, how the shooting unfolded, how many shots were fired, etc.; if someone died in the incident then who died, and how they died. He otherwise described how the incident was resolved and how the different bullets played a role and tended to perform over many cases.  He was strictly factual, and sometimes even gory in his descriptions.  All in all he gave the convention a lot to think about. He impressed me anyhow that he knew what he was talking about.

He closed the meeting by saying his wife carries a pistol and it’s a 45.  Need I say more. 

The history of the 9MM and lesser calibers is the history of many shots fired leaving wounded people that might shoot back, and wounded or killed civilians in a hail of police gunfire.  The vaunted and ubiquitous 9mm, the European para bellum, is even known to bounce off car windshields.

Frank McGee, an NYC Police legend, is said to have been the finest Firearms instructor NYC ever had. Frank said that the reason police officers carry guns is: “to stop an adverse action NOW.”  Little bullets, fired quickly and inaccurately, don’t serve this purpose.