In my life, I have crossed paths with Christians, Jews and Muslims and have found that there are good and bad people in each group. Myself, I firmly believe in the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ and take joy in the salvation He has given me. 

When I was young, my father’s business partner, Issac Alwadish, was Jewish. “Uncle Al,” we used to call him. The high school I attended was predominantly Jewish and it never occurred to me that it mattered. Later in life I found myself a partner to King Abdullah of Jordan and spent considerable time in Jordan breaking bread in Muslim homes, and they in ours when they were in the US. Muslims attended our church and we attended their Mosques out of respect and interest. Several times Jews, Muslims and I, a Christian, went to dinner together enjoying each other’s company.

What’s happened?

Four times (though not as a Republicrat) I’ve run for public office.  I never ran with any thought of winning, I ran to educate myself, and others, about American politics – where it’s been, and where it’s heading. I learned that politicians revel in conflict and fear in their constituents because that creates a “need” for politicians. A far cry from the old axiom, “The government that governs least, governs best.”

Good statesmen still exist today, but they are few and far between. As a candidate for office you see people from the other side of the aisle: Their wants and willingness, or lack of willingness to give, and how easy it is to manipulate them to get their vote. Did you ever watch a game show? How the large majority of the contestants look to the audience for answers rather than making up their own minds. They display a “crowd,” or worse yet, “mob” mentality. By political design, our average IQ has dropped 14 points in the last century. It’s easier to control “politically educated” dumb people than people who reason and think.

Now we have a Clinton and Trump, two people lusting for power and willing to say and do anything to get that power. Bush Sr. begat Clinton, Clinton begat Bush Jr., Bush Jr. begat Obama, but who will Obama beget -----? The political avalanche of destruction is getting larger and larger and moving faster and faster from election to election as we live by the new gospel of conflict and controversy. All the while those leaders who might help us, calculate their public beliefs on their head count to get elected. Rarely will our current breed of politician let their true feelings out, and then, only after they are elected. I would class H. Clinton as a loose Cobra under my bed and Trump as seeing the people like a riled up herd of buffalo and him a drunken cowboy firing shots in the air to direct them. Either way, we the people are losers.

The two of them are either too stupid to understand what is happening or are part of Satan’s scheme to divide and conquer. Politics is history in the making. FDR once said “When you see things happening in politics, you can bet they aren’t just happening – they were planned that way.”

Real Christians, Jews and Muslims follow the 10 Commandments, they profess to believe in and treat people as such, and yes, the 10 Commandments are in the Koran. Good people are the majority of all three religions but they are proving themselves to be apathetic to evil, and easy to manipulate.

Then we have the ones masking as Christians, Jews, and Muslims, but who in reality follow the persuasions of Satan as their true religion. And this evil fringe who understands well what divide and conquer is all about, hate you and are guiding you to hate one another.

Back in the early 60’s there was a communist revolution against the French going in Algiers. Ahmed bin Bella, the leader, dressed his soldiers in French Foreign Legion uniforms and sent them out into market places to murder their own people and blame the French. He managed to rile all the people up against the French so that the French had no choice but to pull out.

Despotic leaders know EXACTLY how to direct the people to do their bidding. There are despotic people directed by the persuasions of Satan posing as Christians, Jews, Muslims, or whatever else who are tearing America apart. We are reacting with a ring in our nose just as they want us to, tearing at each other. Who kills the most blacks? BLACKS. Who kills the most whites? WHITES. Who kills the most Muslims? MUSLIMS. Who kills the most Christians? CHRISTIANS. Hitler was a “Christian.” Who kills the most Jews? JEWS. 

Think before acting. Trust, but verify. The only thing new is the history you haven’t read yet and the American people are reliving their past but without God’s guidance to their own destruction

Wake up and turn back to our Creator. The Founders turned to God, and look back at the country they gave us. They feared what could happen, would happen, and it is coming to pass. The “In God We Trust” country has turned it’s back on God and is paying the price.