Great minds discuss ideas. Average minds discuss events. Simple minds discuss people.

Only a fool would buy the pack of lies our leaders are dishing out about so-called “global warming,” which in the end is a political philosophy that will accomplish only one thing: the redistribution of wealth and the lining of the pockets of internationalist bureaucrats.

To understand our climate, and it’s change over time, it’s wise to read what the Bible says on the matter. In Genesis 2:5-6, immediately prior to the creation of Adam, we read: “And every plant of the field before it was in the earth, and every herb of the field before it grew: for the Lord God had not caused it to rain upon the earth, and there was not a man to till the ground. But there went up a mist from the earth, and watered the whole face of the ground.” In other words, the earth’s atmosphere was like a terrarium, which was likely caused by ice encapsulating the atmosphere. Until the flood, the whole earth had the same beautiful climate with mist rising up to refresh the ground.  If you look you will find that the climate at one time on both poles was the same as that of the equator, which proves the earth actually was a terrarium at one point in the past.

Now the atheists will tell you that this happened 10 or 20 or 55 million years ago, or maybe even 66.213 MYR to sound especially scientific, but the fact of the matter is that we don’t truly know the age of anything beyond our own written records. No instrument can measure with any degree of accuracy back in time beyond where the recorded history tells us the beginning was. Their measurements of age are all based on broad assumptions, and we all know what the definition of “assume” is. You can’t prove what you don’t know, and we don’t know before recorded history.

Don’t let them bully you into believing otherwise.

We do, however, have the Bible. At the time of Noah and the flood the ice shield was melted as a further punishment by God. Where else would all that rain come from? Worldwide floods have been recorded by nearly every ancient culture who kept records. The breakup of the terrarium allowed the sun to beat directly on the earth. That, along with the rotation of the planet around the sun, and the earth moving 23 degrees north and south from the center, created four seasons, which did not exist before that, as evidenced by the fact that we had the same climate at the same time all over the planet. 

After the flood, came the ice age where the water at the north and south poles froze so quickly that many of the animals found in the ground froze before they died. Mammoths found in Siberia still have undigested tropical plants in their stomachs and mouths. In some cases their meat is still edible and has been reliably known to have been eaten by dogs accompanying the expeditions.  These mammoths were frozen in the blink of an eye at temperatures unknown to man.  

During the ice age that followed the flood some of that additional water that fell was contained as ice at the north and south poles.  

But those ice caps have since largely receded.  If the earth hadn’t been getting warmer since the ice age then what caused that ice to melt. Furthermore, what caused northern Africa and Arabia to turn to desert, when we know the area was once rich grassland?  Would this not have been “global warming” as well? But who caused this “climate change?” In truth, the terms “global warming” and “climate change” are loaded words that allow even our weather to become a political issue.  Thirty years ago the same people were talking about global cooling and ozone depletion, and if we’re still around in thirty years, they’ll have come up with a new scam to fleece and control us.

Our weather patterns are whatever the Creator wants them to be, and nothing more. After all, insurance companies refer to inclement weather as an “Act of God?”  If inclement weather is an act of God, then who is responsible for good weather?  Could money in the coffers of politicians be what this “global warming” crap is really all about? Their lies will find them out. Fear on the part of the people always generates money for an illegitimate government.

The full-court-press to make the people believe this rubbish is simply another example of the war over the meaning of our language that’s now being waged at every level of our society.  People think in words and how they interpret words is WHO THEY ARE. The evil Communist leader Lenin, one of the fathers of our present situation, and a man totally under the persuasions of Satan, once told his generals: “Let us invent words and change the definition of words, so we can mold the people into the kind of people we want.”  You have to ask yourself, “are you the kind of people they want?”