And the Satanic lies we are hearing

“It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of a living God.”  Hebrews 10:31

At the time of the revolution and even prior to that time, churches were financed by their respective Northern State governments. States and colonies, like Rhode Island, Connecticut and Massachusetts engaged in this practice.

The state subsidies to the churches were confined to the Congregationalist and the Episcopal sects in America. The Episcopal Church is an offshoot of the Anglican Church in England. Ministers in those sects received salaries from their governments. This practice was a carryover from England and is still done in England. The Queen or King of England is the head of the Anglican, state, church and is financed in that role with public funds. Germany is very similar where the State church is the Lutheran Church, which was the state church during the Nazi reign. This practice might be done in other countries as well.

In American Colonies, the Baptist church refused to become a “State church” and would not take any money from their respective State/colony governments. By and large Baptist preachers were and are financed by their own local members.  Obviously the state had influence over what was preached in State churches. The Baptists wouldn’t stand for this so the Baptists migrated to the south where this practice wasn’t done. To this day the large majority of Baptist Churches are in the south. This is not to condemn any Christian sect as there are good and bad people in all sects. It’s just historical fact.

As the Revolutionary war progressed, the north was trying to get the southern states/colonies help with the war but the Baptists in the south saw that even if they won, nothing would change. They’d still have state churches to contend with, kings and all the other trapping they had under England. The northern colonies became desperate for the Baptists help so they struck a deal with the Baptists. It was agreed that the practice of having state churches would be abolished and all Christian sects would be recognized equally and no sect would receive sate funds. This says nothing about secularist and other non-Christian churches, although the courtesy was extended to them. America would continue to practice as the God & Country and nothing else. People who would not recognize “the God” could reside and work in America but they would have to recognize the God & Country concept. You’re welcome to reside in our home, but NOT to change it. The definition of religion is “One’s heart felt belief”. All people are religious in that everybody without exception has a heart felt belief.

That’s what the state church issue was and is all about: Not separating God & Country. That belief relates to churches being financed by state, not God & Country: Which Bush Jr. tried to do I might add. Today religions that do not recognize God but instead recognize the persuasions of Satan are working to get rid of the Christian concept of God & Country. People motivated by the persuasions of Satan have infected all walks of life in America, right down to the Supreme Court. Simply put, they want the Christian God and the recognition of Jesus Christ out of America.

Another thing: The three religions, Christians, Muslims, Jews that recognize God and the 10 Commandment are being infected by repugnant horrible people pledging allegiance to Satan. Evil resides in the “Trojan horse.” They are “posing” as Christians, Muslims, Jews & Israeli’s and committing horrible acts in their names in order to cast a bad light on the good people of those religions.

It’s all about “Divide and Conquer,” and the use and misuse of words is the battlefield.  For instance, if I call myself a pink elephant, am I one? And yet what have we allowed to happen to the word “marriage?”

Offend people who despise even the names of God and Christ in the “In God We Trust” country and you had better brace for an attack? Their invented offensive words and definitions of words and actions should be an offense to anyone that genuinely believes in God. They’re disgusting at best!

The simple minded are falling for their bait and causing division among good people instead of doing as Reagan suggested: Trust: “But verify.” As a devout Christian, I have lived and worked with Muslims, Jews and Israel’s and found all when they act morally just the same as the rest. We must single out and get rid of those who are caught up in the persuasions of Satan, regardless of what they call themselves. They’re the blight to humanity and downfall of humanity and there is no limit to their immoral acts. During WWII, the tyrannical fool FDR condemned all Japanese Americans for the actions of Japan. Are we following in FDR’s footsteps? “The only thing new is the history you haven’t read yet” and to repeat it is to act the fool.        

Supreme Court?  There was a Supreme Court that helped America to become the country it was and on Sundays its building used to function as a Christian church. Now its twisted satanic rulings define sodomites as “gays,” and the murder of unborn children as a “Constitutional rights.”  And this is accepted in America. An amoral Court that recognizes its own will over the will of our Creator is not to be reckoned with in America.                               

MORAL: God’s rules for action and interaction. AMORAL:  neither moral nor immoral; being outside the sphere to which moral judgments apply. IMMORAL: Having knowledge of morality but breaching it. What about the transcendental law, God’s law. Law in America was based on a belief in the Creator and His laws. “Endowed by the Creator.” That was law until government was taken over by those caught up in the persuasions of Satan.  

John Jay, the first Chief Justice of the Supreme Court in America had this to say:  “No human society has ever been able to maintain both order and freedom, both cohesiveness and liberty apart from the MORAL precepts of the CHRISTIAN RELIGION. Should our Republic ever forget this fundamental precept of governance, we will then, BE SURELY DOOMED.

In 1630 William Penn said: If thou would rule well. Thou must be ruled by God, and to do that, thou must be ruled by Him. Those who will not be governed by God---WILL BE RULED BY TYRANTS.

John Adams went further to say: “This Constitution is for the governance of a moral and Christian people. It is UNFIT for the governance of any other.”

“It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of a living God.” 

“It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of a living God.”