In my opinion this is probably the most toxic topic I have written on.  The lies growing from our government are so numerous now-a-days that they’re accepted as a matter of course. Think about it, the federal government takes the people’s money under FICA, The Federal Insurance “Contribution” Act.  But the question never seems to arise regarding this so-called Contribution? What if I don’t want to contribute? I know we are living with invented words and words with their interpretations changed but calling money that is coerced from the people a contribution is a lie.  You can’t take my money at the point of a gun and tell me I gave it to you.  

As for so-called “Social Security,” here’s the way it works in simple English. The Federal government takes your money under the guise of Unsociable Insecurity and puts it into a general account that they voted themselves the power to borrow from. They “borrow” your Unsociably Insecure money and replace it with IOU’s to cover their borrowing. When it comes time to pay it back, who do you think is responsible for paying it back?  Hmmm! Why you and I, the taxpayers, that’s who. Remember, the government’s only source of money is the working taxpayers. Look at the two lines on your paycheck to see what your “Contribution” is. 

John Attarian, a gentleman with a PHD in economics has done a very comprehensive study into this “CONTRIBUTION” nonsense.  He found that FDR, the undisputed godfather of the Command Class, when he perpetrated this scam called “The Social Security Act of 1935,” called for an “Old Age Reserve Account,” and not a Trust Fund. But in the final analysis all FDR and those around him ever sought to do was to cover a year’s benefits with SS. The rest of the money FDR and his comrades took would be invested in the Federal Debt (including unmarketable debt issued for this purpose) earning 3% percent interest (at the time), or other government-guaranteed debt. 

Winthrop Aldrich of Chase Manhattan Bank argued that the reserve would be FICTITIOUS, the government would be issuing promissory notes to itself. As for interest on the bonds, which supposedly help pay future benefits, the government would get interest on money from “the only source it could obtain it” the general taxpayer. It was as if a father took deductions from his children’s wages to invest for their old age, “invested” them in “his own IOU’s,” and spent the money leaving his children nothing but those IOU’s.

But isn’t the money taken from us by coercive force for our retirement really in a Trust Fund?  You decide. A trust fund is money, investments, or other property held in trust; a trust being: “A fiduciary relationship with respect to property, subjecting the person by whom the property is held to equitable duties to deal with the property for the benefit of another person, which arises as a result of a manifestation of an intention to create it.” All trusts must have a “settlor,” who sets up the trust and puts property into it, and a “trustee,” who manages the trust and has legal title to the property, and terms of trust stating its purpose and duties, the powers of the trustee(s), and the beneficiary’s rights.

Does the Unsociable Insecurities Trust Fund meet these criteria? You judge. Though congress legislated the Trust Fund, it is not the settlor, because a settlor puts HIS OWN property into a trust, which congress DID NOT do.  As for the Board of Trustees, who in a trust would hold legal title to its property, Sect 201 of the 1939 Amendments did not even mention it’s having title to anything. Nor do the purported trust “beneficiaries” have property in the fund to which they have an enforceable property right, as beneficiaries of a trust do. Unsociable Insecurity maintains NO accounts containing funds earmarked for individuals, and never has.

Professor Charles Rounds, a fellow of the American College of Trust and Estate Counsel stated, “Despite the term “Trust,” the Unsociable Insecurity system contains NOTHING that remotely resembles the common law trust. THERE IS NO SEGRAGATION OF ASSETS FROM THE GENERAL FUND, NO EQUITABLE PROPERTY RIGHTS, NO PRIVATE RIGHT OF ENFORCEMENT, allcharacteristics of the common law trust. Social Security is merely a system of taxation and appropriation sprinkled with trust terms to hide its true nature. The Unsociable Insecurity “Trust fund” is bogus extortion.  Stealing assets from a Trust Fund constitutes a felony crime but the small print in the Unsociable Insecurity Act tells us it never was a Trust Fund. 

What is our Retirement money being used for? You name it: perpetual unconstitutional wars to continue building the American Empire; funding the M&SIC (Military and Security Industrial Complex) to support the wars; entitlement programs to buy ignorant votes and on and on. The system could be summarized by saying it has been used to convert the American Constitutional Republic into an Involuntary Socialist State, not unlike all the rest of the failed Fascist or Communist countries have tried.

May 10,1991 Washington DC. That day Senator Patrick Moynihan stated, “The retirement system which includes survivors insurance and disability benefits, is fully secure and at the presence HUGELY OVER-FUNDED. The surplus comes out to almost $1,500,000,000, One and a half billion a week. It will rise to $3,000,000,000, three billion a week, by the end of the decade. The issue is, whether it is proper for government to use pension funds for “OTHER PURPOSES.” AS WE ARE DOING.

“Frankly,” said the chairman of the Senate Budget Committee as the debate came to a close, “we are…deciding whether the Social Security Trust Fund’s surplus is safer being misused as it is today, or is it safer just reducing it so that it cannot be misused.” Misused is a nice way of saying criminal theft. THE SENATE RESOUNDINGLY VOTED FOR MISUSE.

This was discussed in 1991. Today the unsociable insecurity “Trust Fund” is in Chapter seven bankrupt, although with the government’s creative bookkeeping they show that the SS is somewhat funded. What the heck, if you can print counterfeit paper for your medium of exchange to pay your bills, anything is possible. 

Hebrews 10:31 “It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God.”