First off, let’s lump all the “isms” into the category where they belong. Despotism, Communism, Fascism and a broad interpretation of socialism are basically the same and fall under the term, “Totalitarianism.”

Despotic countries are ruled by tyranny. Communism simply is (government owned/government controlled), while Fascism simply means (privately owned/government controlled). What difference does it make to you if you own something but the government controls it? 

Socialism is an open word that describes a social order among people or social animals like lions or monkeys. In socialism, people are servants to their own kind one way or another. In man the kind of servant that you are, i.e. either God spirited or Satan spirited, is where the difference lies.  In other words you are either a servant to God or a servant to Satan.  And the kind of socialism Satan prefers is the totalitarian kind, or “involuntary socialism.”

We can break down socialism into two specific kinds, involuntary socialism and voluntary socialism.

INVOLUNTARY SOCIALISM: Involuntary Socialism is a government or a society where the masses’ lives are planned for them by their “Command Class.” Everything is planned for the masses and excessive force is used to make sure the people live up to the commands forced upon them. All people’s lives, liberties and properties are either owned and/or controlled by their Command Class government. Does this sound like the country you live in? Think about it. We don’t own anything. We rent. Don’t pay your taxes and you’ll see what I mean. Despotism, Communism and Fascism fall under the involuntary socialism category. Only a fool, or a person and persons with an agenda leaning toward Despotism, Communism or Fascism can equate these “isms” with the Free Market, which Karl Marx dubbed “Capitalism.”

Next we have VOLUNTARY SOCIALISM: Voluntary socialism is the type of social order America was founded on and the founders called it a God fearing Constitutional Republic. In this type of social structure, the people “voluntarily” served each other through families, churches, charitable organizations such as the Salvation Army, the original YMCA, Young Men’s Christian Association, Catholic charities and all the other charities that addressed the needs of the people, but are not in any way tied to government.  All of these groups existed out of the Christian sense of charity and moral duty.  It should be noted that the number and local effectiveness of these groups has declined as the government has taken more and more power for itself.

There has to be a distinct absence of government for voluntary socialist societies to work coupled by a moral (i.e. Christian) order, while the government dictates the people’s every move in an involuntary socialism based on its whims and without reference to any higher law. 

The government that governs least governs best.                                       

Because the word freedom, like social, is an open word, it can be applied to moral, immoral and amoral conduct. Freedom merely pertains to status, like serfdom.  In other words, you are free to do as you chose. The people living immorally or amorally may think they have freedom when in truth they are living in bondage because they have been taught by the government to accept immorality as freedom. Moral freedom can be found in voluntary socialist societies and it is only bound by the transcendental law, the Creator’s laws, while immoral and amoral freedom make up an involuntary socialist society and the freedom that is offered is always tied to bondage of one type or another, which is an infringement of liberty. In an involuntary socialism you are free to behave immorally, as the costs of your behavior are absorbed by the government, while you are not at liberty to make a living and do with your earnings as you choose.  Save for in narrowly proscribed limits the government is free to dictate.

Next we have “Capitalism.” Capitalism is NOT, I repeat, is NOT a name for a governmental system, unless you have an evil agenda, like Karl Marx did, that includes a sick use of the word capital. Despotism, Communism, Fascism, involuntary and voluntary socialism are names of political systems, but not capitalism. This twisted interpretation of the word “Capital” was coined by the atheistic, involuntary socialist advocate, Communist, Karl Marx. He wanted to create a political system tied to capital. With that in mind he came up with “Capitalism and capitalist.” In Marx’s planned society the word Capital has a repugnant ring to it.

He uses it to distinguish between the masses, middle class and rich. He saw the bourgeois (middle and higher class people, capitalist) opposing to the proletariat (lower class people) and wanted them divided against each other. Divide and conquer. It’s as old as mankind. In Marx’s words, Capitalism and Capitalist identified anybody that had more than another and taught that they should be looked at with jealousy and envy.  “Capitalists” (those with capital) are to be despised by the masses causing division between people.

This division leads us to the Hegelian dialectic: Thesis, Anti-Thesis and Synthesis. A society existing in harmony with itself can be called a (Thesis), a society in turmoil (Anti-Thesis) and finally, a Synthesis, the social order that comes out of the created turmoil. America’s Constitutional Republic (Thesis) is devolving into an (Anti-thesis) leading to a godless Involuntary Socialist State (Synthesis), if the powers that be have their way.                                                 

Whereas Capital’s proper definition, rather than in the false Thesis/Antithesis dichotomy, can be seen in a baker or house builder. The Baker bakes two loaves of bread. One he takes home to eat: That’s Consumption. The other loaf he sells so he can buy other things to satisfy his needs or wants. The second loaf was a capital item to him.

A house builder builds two houses. One he keeps to shelter himself and his, consumption, and the other house he sells, a capital item to raise money to buy his needs and wants. The word “Capital” merely means anything we have and might sell or use to generate a profit to us. Money, tools, computers, etc, would be considered capital items in that their use is to produce, not to consume. Our consumptive items can be summed up as things to cloth ourselves, shelter ourselves and feed ourselves, although those items can be capital items to the people that produce them to sell.  

People looking with envy and jealousy at those possessing capital create the tension, and view so-called “capitalists” as thieves etc., which just how Marx and his followers want it to be. In their sick world it’s easier to be filled with envy, jealousy and hate than it is to work to gain more capital items for themselves. These people are predators to a society, after the fruits of another man’s labors.  Instead of producing, they form a government to do their stealing for them, as we are doing. I’m afraid to say it but the predators, people who are ready to consume but not produce, are satisfying their lusts by rapidly taking the “In God We Trust” nation.                                                     

Economics 101 “You cannot consume more than you produce” although people have tried to do that since the beginning of time but this time might be the last time.

Hebrews 10:31 It is a frightful thing to fall into the hands of the living God