1918 - 1945

Socialized “health” care: What does it actually mean?


An essay entitled National Health Care: Medicine in Germany 1918-1945, written by Dr. Marc S. Micozzi a physician and anthropologist, is excellent reading and recommended for anyone concerned with America’s switch to Fascist or Nazi style medicine, commonly called Obamacare.  Dr. Micozzi is the director of the National Museum of Health and Medicine in Washington D.C., and brought from Berlin the exhibition, “The Value of the Human Being: Medicine in Germany 1918-1945,”curated by Christian Pross and Gotz Aly.

The article sums up what happened in Germany after Chancellor Bismarck introduced socialized medicine in Germany up until Hitler and the holocaust.  To summarize, after WWI Germany had a lot of injured and sick soldiers and civilians in hospitals and in doctor’s care. Because it was ”free,” Socialized medicine led people to go to emergency rooms for trivial things they used take care of at home with over the counter drugs. Because of this, health care costs skyrocketed. Medicine was free, in the people’s minds at least, instead of having to go to a druggist and paying for it.  

Free doctoring?  But was it really free doctoring, or did it allow the government to look at it’s people not just as patients but as liabilities opening the way for the Holocaust? With the government taking a role in health care, doctors started to be paid by the state instead of by the patients that they cared for. Only a fool with blinders on wouldn’t realize that the cost of health care would go up as socialized medicine added another layer of “administrative” unproductive, overhead cost.

When people dealt with doctors directly, as they did in America up until the 50’s, frequently doctors would barter with patients instead of taking money for their services. In America my father used to service the family doctor’s car in exchange for our health care. In rural areas people used to barter – swap their produce or whatever was agreeable with the doctor for their health care.

Consider this: Employment falls into basically, three categories:

·      Blue collar workers

·      White collar workers

·      People in service to the Blue and White collar workers. Doctors, teachers, lawyers, social workers and their like. These people’s job is to take care of the well being of the Blue and White-collar people so they can be productive for all.

If left alone that structure works for a country. 

Then there’s the fourth type of work that I have to mention. They’re the people employed by government but paid from the fruits of the labor of the other three. Today they are a product of the involuntary socialist society America has become since it scraped its Constitutional Republic and voluntary society. In most cases, they’re there to regulate the lives of the productive other three. The fourth group falls into the “overhead” category to the other productive three.

For any society to work, it needs all three, and a bare minimum of the fourth. In 1797 President Washington said this of the fourth segment, ”Government is not reason – It is not eloquence. Government is FORCE; a dangerous servant and a fearful master.”

At any rate, health care cost is now supposedly affordable by all because now someone else has to pay the bill, but we forget that we’ll have to pay the bill for the other someone. It’s a bold face lie to say that health care is a right. Stalin, an evil politician in tune with modern America said: “Promises are like pie crust, made to be broken.“ Health care is not a right. Stupid!

Prior to socialized medicine in America, doctors were obliged to give the best care for the cheapest cost. Patients demanded it and doctors had to compete with other doctors with the excellence of their work and the money they charged patients.

As a service to the people, hospitals and doctors used to, but weren’t forced to, set aside one day a week for the indigent at no cost because health care was considered a service, not a business per se. Doctors used to take a modern day version of the Hippocratic oath to heal people at all cost to themselves if need be.

The first person you met when you went into a doctor’s office or hospital wasn’t someone checking your credit but a doctor or nurse showing genuine concern for your health. As I said, health insurance didn’t enter the picture in America until the mid fifties and, as to be expected, government got involved with insurance companies making it possible for insurance companies to add another layer of cost. Instead of going to doctors and nurses, money that should have gone to health care went to insurance companies and the government.

With government in the picture, slowly doctors became callous to patients and began to become more concerned about working for the health of the State instead of the health of their patients because that’s where their money comes from, and that’s where the evil of euthanasia and eugenics can rear it’s terrible head as a result of accounting.

In Germany the state and doctors began looking at people as assets, taxpayers, or liabilities. In that country the idea of involuntary socialized medicine took over to the point where Jews and any other “liabilities” like the gypsies, Jehovah’s Witnesses and many other “undesirables” were subjected to the “final solution” commonly called the holocaust.

Doctors started to practice unwanted euthanasia, (murder) in hospital beds, and other ways to reduce the liabilities. Experiments using “lesser human beings” as guinea pigs became a common practice in the medical community. The term “lives unworthy of living” came into play for people that were deemed to be “liabilities” to the involuntary socialist state. Today forced euthanasia is practiced in Holland, England and other countries, and Obamacare makes room for it in America.

In America today health care is under the control of the government and national medicine is running deep in the red financially. How could it be otherwise with all that unnecessary overhead? It’s no longer a service but instead it’s a business and a business that takes an interest in the value of your life to its bottom line.

You’re a liability!

There has to be a “solution” to this problem. The government knows it so Obamacare was introduced and it is destined to pick up where the Nazis left off. How else does government control the cost of health care but to cut down on the liabilities in the system? Government involvement in health care adds between 60% and 70% to the overhead cost, and that cost has absolutely nothing to do with the health of patients and doesn’t put any more money into doctors’ and nurses’ pockets. In fact, doctors are earning less money by ratio than they were in the 50’s.

In an involuntary socialist system the assets must outweigh the liabilities, which they always have, and that means purging the system of liabilities: the sick, the indigent, those that aren’t politically correct, and everybody else that isn’t an asset to the government.  

There’s a hole in the National medicine dam called unimagined evil and more than ever the American people need to plug that hole. We got a glimpse of it with the Nazi holocaust.  If America is going to survive, the people must repent for their actions to their Creator, revive morality, search and understand the words of the Bible and their original Constitution. They are the key to plugging the hole and reviving America and keeping government under control.

In no way is this essay a condemnation of the American people. It is however a wakeup call to do something about what’s happening. There is no such thing as a free lunch, but there is bait to a fish.

Any thinking person would realize that at birth we are an out of control being and we must be taught a moral lifestyle to live under control, otherwise our out of control nature will overcome and destroy us. We can and do rationalize any evil and have to fear our own nature and change it. What we are seeing is man getting more and more desensitized to evil, out of control, and turning his back on morality: God’s rules for action and interaction. We’re taking a “ho hum” attitude to all kinds of evil and government health care ranks among the worst. The Founders recognized and obeyed the transcendental law, God’s laws, and grew America into what is, was. What’s our excuse for the mess we find ourselves in?

Hebrews 10:31 “It is a frightful thing to fall into the hands of the living God.”