POLITICS IS HISTORY IN THE MAKING, and guns all too often determine the political make-up of a nation.

Aside from their sporting and hunting purposes, guns play an offensive (immoral) or defensive (moral) role in the world.  In the hands of tyrants like the Nazis, Fascist Italians, and Soviet Communists, guns were first confiscated and then used to enslave the people.  Disarming their people and then enslaving them is the goal of every involuntary socialist regime in history.  Now America is faced with the same kind of immoral political structure that all involuntary socialist systems bring on their people.

On the other hand, at the time of the American Revolution, guns played a defensive role in the hands of the American people that enabled them to overthrow the tyrannical government they were forced to live in subjection to. To justify their actions, the God fearing people of America penned their Declaration of Independence. There they turned to the Transcendental Laws of God and liberty, which is a gift of God, and threw off the bonds of subjection that had been forced on them by the tyrannical King George III of England.

Today in America we have a dilemma. America now suffers under the rule of a tyrannical, immoral and amoral government and the people, for the most part, have thrown off morality in their day-to-day thoughts and interactions. While the government twists the people’s Constitution to fit its agenda and the people act in a similar fashion. Neither group is showing the world that they have earned the God given right to be armed. The people are arming themselves against their own government while the government is hell bent on arming itself against its people.

As I see it, the only solution, other than the utter destruction of America, is for both sides to repent to God for their actions.

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