“I’m from the government and I’m here to help you.” 

Any thinking person knows “the government that governs best, governs least” but the government that we live subjugated to prides itself on the myriad of UNCONSTITUTIONAL and IMMORAL laws we live in bondage to, which it tells us it makes for our own good.  

For example: To keep people safe it used to be that rifle and shotgun barrels had to be at least 18 inches long  to be legal.  But then the government broke it’s own law when it offered M1 Carbines to the public through the Division of Civilian Marksmanship, DCM, which was run by the National Rifle Association (NRA). After selling thousands of them to the public, the government “discovered” (OOPS!) that  M1 Carbines barrels were shorter than the legal Federal limit of 18 inches.

So what did the government do? Declare itself a criminal organization for selling illegal goods?  No.  Of course not.  There was a better way.

They changed the law to fit the crime and simply adjusted things so that rifles needed to be 16 inches long and left shotguns at 18 inches. I sleep better at night knowing this law is in place.

When the constitution was originally written, the God fearing government in America reasoned by using God’s Transcendental Laws and interpreted those laws both in compliance with God’s code of morality and in accordance with the meaning and use of the words those laws were written in.  Liberty prevailed at that time, but not anymore.

Now we live in an involuntary Socialist State, functioning with a diabolical plan for society,  like any other fascist or communist style of government. It needs laws upon laws to keep the people in bondage.

When people get elected to our government now-a-days, they take pride in the number of laws they are able to pass.  All that matters to these fools is that they have something to hang their hats on and point to as a change they were a part of.  But no one ever seems to care about the quality of those laws or that we even need them.  I wish that whenever a Senator or Congressman was on TV talking about what they've done that we could have subtitles at the bottom of the screen expressing what they are really saying. They would read something like: "Aren’t you proud of me for the multitude of laws we’re tightening around your neck. With the laws I’m responsible for, I fashioned another link to your chain."       

Among many many other things, that kind of thinking is the reason for this ridiculous law pertaining to shotgun and rifle barrel lengths. Idiot! If I have criminal intentions, like you, do you think cutting off the barrel on a gun could stop me. Of course not! These laws are aimed to disarm honest citizens.  

The Sullivan Act, which required a license for citizens to own concealable weapons, was perpetrated on the citizens of NY in 1911 and came to be because State Senator Tim Sullivan, a notoriously corrupt Tammany Hall politician, heard that some people were out to get him. He reasoned in his evil way that if he could  pass a law to disarm the people then he would be safe, and he used a notorious murder to help his cause along.  Just like our politicians do today.  Politicians never see a crisis they don't try to use to their benefit. 

Do the anti-gun politicians of today reason in the same manner? Is this push for gun laws actually to protect the government from it’s own people? If you want my opinion, yes! there is no doubt about it.

“If you see things happening in politics, you can just bet that they don’t just happen. There planned that way”…FDR.