The “Medium of exchange”


            "For the love of money is the root of all evil" - 1 Timothy 6:10

Revelations 13:16-18  “And he causeth all, both small and great , rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand (blue color workers) or in their foreheads (white color workers): 17-And that no man might buy or sell , save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name. 18- Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast; for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six.”

In the beginning, God created the angels, Lucifer, Gabriel and Michael. Lucifer had been appointed as the prince of this earth. God created man in his own image, a three part in one being, body (flesh), soul (ghost) and spirit (like God). Genesis 1:26,27 KJV. The narcissistic Lucifer hated and hates man with a hate beyond man’s comprehension, but he doesn’t necessarily show it in and to his people. He wants all of humanity to burn in hell forever with him. All you have to do accommodate the devil is listen to his persuasions instead of your creator God. The devil, Satan presented himself to Eve and Adam, Genesis 3:1-7 KJV, as a “MEDIUM”, remember that, between God and man, man chose to believe the devil instead of God, his creator.   

To start with, people would barter with each other for what they might need or want. Any trade would create satisfied recipients otherwise people wouldn’t trade. With time, a “medium” of exchange (MOE) money, was introduced. The medium of exchange makes it possible to get what someone wants without dealing with bartering. To be legitimate these MOE’s have to be commodities or certificates representing a commodity of value to buyers and sellers. When we make a purchase we are actually determining what a person’s MOE, money, is worth. Gold and silver coins became the commodity of acceptance as the people’s MOE.                                      

Banks came into existence and they started to give money certificates representing an accepted amount of silver or gold to people that put their gold and silver in storage with the banks for safe keeping. By law these certificates had to be redeemable for 100% of their represented face value in gold or silver. Eventually people didn’t bother to trade with gold and silver coins but instead they traded with the paper certificates they had gotten through their government and their banks for convenience sake. In America in1864 the US government started the Secret Service as a division of the Dept. of Treasury for the purpose of checking on banks and others to be sure the commodity and paper certificates were not counterfeit. Now the Secret Service is there to protect the world’s largest counterfeiters, the executive and legislative branches of government.                                                                                                                               

At any time during business hours a person was able to go into a bank and redeem his paper certificates for the represented amount of silver and/or gold coins. The paper certificates, gold and silver coins, and other tangible assets a person might possess represented his worth. Now, drive in windows at banks are there so that cars can meet their rightful owner. We have become a credit driven involuntary socialist state instead of an asset driven voluntary society.  Being in possession of the people’s gold and silver that wasn’t theirs, the government started to collude with banks and pass laws sanctioning banks to pass counterfeit paper certificates that were not 100% backed by gold and silver. Later, to make counterfeit paper money “legal”, politically correct, the government simply changed the name of their crime from counterfeiting to “inflation,” but notice, if you or I were in possession of counterfeit money, it would be a crime, but government sanctioned counterfeit money is called inflated. We are inventing and interpreting words and changing the meaning of words to satisfy our own blind lusts.                                                                                                                        

Bankers started to keep only an amount of Gold and Silver coins on hand they thought they would need to satisfy the customer that might want the commodity instead of paper (ghost money) to prevent a run on banks for real money. Bankers started to lend these government-sanctioned counterfeit paper certificates to people, businesses, even governments and gain a huge amount of “stolen” wealth by passing counterfeit paper.  Loans with counterfeit “inflated” money would yield something of value to bankers for paper nothings. At one time, when there was real money, thirty-four dollars or less would buy an ounce of gold. Now it could be $1,500.00’s or more to buy an ounce of gold. Things aren’t necessarily more costly to produce and buy. Instead, MOE’s have far less purchasing power because of counterfeiting, “inflation”.                                                                                                               

In the early part of the 19th century going into the 20th century, government participated with bankers in a scam to form the Federal Reserve and pass laws preventing the people from possessing their own gold and silver. People are no longer allowed to know how much of “their” own gold and silver the government has in its possession.                            

With the founding of the Federal Reserve (FR), Federal Reserve Notes (FRN’s) came into being. By decree the FR and its FRN’s is the “medium” used between people. These Notes, (written promises to pay debt) were put in circulation to replace the money certificates which were supposedly backed by gold and silver, but not so the FRN’s. The people became apathetic to this huge fraud and have been doing nothing about it so long as they can use “paper” FRN’s, and credit, to get what they want. Gold and gold Certificates became illegal to use or possess as the MOE while silver certificates were simply phased out and replaced by FRN’s along with counterfeit coins. By Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s decree, money Certificates were completely replaced with the far more sinister FRN’s for the people to possess and trade with. Now all of the paper money, MOE, is FRN’s. FRN’s are in actuality Notes, not unlike the note you sign when purchasing a car, house or whatever you buy that requires a signed note: A WRITTEN PROMISE TO PAY DEBT… but who is this debt owed to?                  

It works this way. Congress makes pie in the sky promises to the people to be paid for with the people’s own money. They do this so they will get elected and people buy into the ponzi scam. The evil Communist dictator, Stalin, defined political promises… “Promises are like pie crust; made to be broken.” Then congress asks to have  treasuries, FRN’s, printed to pay their promises to the people. These treasuries increase the people’s debt to the Federal Reserve. These FRN’s, debt notes, are made available to anybody. Remember, the first FRN’s to be put in circulation have one value but as the market realizes there are more FRN’s out there, the FRN’s lose value. This is another form of tax on the people. Nothings/FRN’s, ghost money from a moral perspective, are represented as “some things” which are in actuality no-things but printed pieces of paper. Gullible people measure their “worth” in how many of these FRN’s / no-things, they possess.                                               

This was demonstrated in 2008 when the evil Bush authorized the printing of billions upon billions of  FRN’s to bail out the banks of their evil ways. Bush was following the dictates of  his comrade Paulson, the CEO of Goldman Sachs. The banks debt became the people’s debt and instead of  prosecuting the criminal bankers, Bush gave banks the people’s money to bail them out of their criminal ways. As I’ve said, those billions upon billions of dollars that Bush authorized represent billions of dollars of debt to the American people. That act of Bush added to the national debt, the people’s debt to the FR. Now the debt is over, with Obama’s help, Nineteen trillion, five hundred billion dollars ($19,500,000,000,000.00 ) and building out of control.                                         

Over 60% of the bonds and FRN’s in circulation worldwide are held by foreigners, not Americans and somehow someway the holders will want to be paid. The government has used the people’s “credit card” to put America into chapter 7 bankruptcy, and then some. Basically, with the FR, the people have signed “power of attorney” to let government borrow and spend money on their behalf.

In 1987, 200 years after the founding of America, for the first time, the people’s debt topped over One Trillion dollars. The government now says the current debt is  $19,500,000.000.000, and growing, and that debt has only been created in the last 29 years. According to the renowned economist Lawrence J. Kolitoff at Boston University, when you factor in the entitlement debt, pension debt, welfare debt etc., a figure of 220 TRILLION DOLLARS is more realistic. Mr. Kilitoff has stated it is far far worse than a Chapter 7 situation.    

The people’s debt to the FR with FRN’s replaced the people’s money certificates, the people’s legitimate money. This was accomplished with the “16th   amendment” to the Constitution. I might add, the 16th “Amendment” to the Constitution was NEVER RATIFIED meaning the very existence of the 16th Amendment is another huge fraud

To hide their evil deeds, the government has converted the backing of the dollar from gold and silver to “Black gold,” oil, or petro dollars. Petro dollars are feeding the Military & Security Industrial Complex, control of the world’s oil, black gold, and control of America’s position as the printer of the world sovereign currency. This is largely what the world’s troubles are all about. It’s called hegemony. With the military muscle of America and America having the world’s sovereign currency, all transactions involving “Black gold” oil must be done with dollars. The EU has its own money but even the EU has to buy its oil with FRN’s. Now, even that bit of chicanery is catching up to them. Oil “Black gold” or petro dollars, is going the way gold and silver as the medium of exchange went. What to do?   

Of course! Do away with the concept of “money” as a Medium of Exchange. Make all transactions occur electronically with government creating some form of “credit/debit cards” for everybody to carry. A cashless society: Why didn’t I think of that? Governments, or mainly the American government, because of its position with the worlds sovereign money, will fill the role as the world’s “Medium” of Exchange. Medium? Wasn’t that the role the devil played between himself, Adam and Eve, and man’s creator God? 

A  New (cashless) World Order will become a reality. Even today Netanyahu wants to be the “medium” in Israel and he is working on legislation to form a cashless society in Israel. England, Denmark, Sweden and probably other countries are starting to follow Netanyahu’s example. There are serious rumblings about America becoming a cashless society to complete the involuntary socialist state America has become, why not?

Believe me, the powers that be are working on it. With money, counterfeit as it is, the people have some controls but with this “cashless World Order,” government will have absolute control. “Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely.” Lord Acton.

All these gadgets we buy to spill our guts to everybody else will make it simple. In this way a government “credit/debit card” issued to all the people will replace money, as we know it. Government and government approved banks will determine a person’s wealth, or lack of it. Government and government approved banks will stand between every, and I mean every, transaction by either approving or declining a person’s credit. If you are not politically correct, your credit can be denied and then where will you be? 

Come to think of it, this scenario is the only way that the prophecies in Rev. 16:16-18 KJV can be fulfilled and guess who the beast/beasts that’s referenced is turning out to be. Read Revelations 18: Switch Babylon to America in this prophetic chapter of the Bible. In the beginning Satan was the “medium” between Adam and Eve, and God. Now as we approach the end, the devil is showing himself as governmental and/or banking figure and acting in the role of ”medium” again. The only thing new is the history you haven’t read yet.

Speaking of Anti-Christ, there is more than one. 1 John 2:18 KJV tells us “… just as you heard that anti-Christ is coming, even now MANY ANTI-CHRISTS (evil People) have risen…” in America.