At the time when America was entering into its Civil War, America and Russia were the only two world powers that did not have Central Banks. The concept of Central Banks started in Sweden, and then spread throughout Europe. Historically Central Banks rule their countries to a large extent. The Zionist Central Banker, Baron Von Rothschild was heard to say on the floor of America’s Congress: “I care not who writes the laws, so long as I control the money.” Central Banks look for wars and sometimes promote wars because that means money from countries when they have to borrow money.

America’s Civil War was no exception. Both Lincoln in the north and Davis in the south needed money. The British Empire and its central bank were there to “help.” First the empire approached the North and Lincoln, but Lincoln was savvy to the dangers of getting involved with foreign banks and money, especially British money. Lincoln turned them down and instead counterfeited money by printing “Green Backs” to finance his part of the war with a promise that the people in the north would return to real money after the war was over.

As things would happen, Lincoln, a man born in a log cabin, befriended Czar Nicholas of Russia, a man born into royal opulence. When Lincoln turned down the British for a "loan", the British approached Davis in the South and he bit. The British started to finance the south for its part of the war. The war continued to be going in the North’s favor so the British made overtures about joining the South in the war. 

Lincoln was keeping Czar Nicholas apprised of events. Finally, when it became evident that the British would join in with the south. Czar Nicholas announced that a state of war would be declared between Britain and Russia if the British intervened in America's war. The British Navy was preparing to go to America when word came to them that they would be confronted by the Russian Navy, the world’s largest and most powerful one in that day. Czar Nicholas told the British that once his battleship Alhambra was launched a state of war would exist between Russia and the British Empire if they took sides in America’s Civil War. Prudence took hold of the British governments thinking and they turned tail back home. There’s a lot more to the story but I highlighted events.

Why don’t government schools teach this anymore?

The evil atheist professor Vladimir Lenin, totally caught up in the persuasions of Satan, orchestrated a civil war in Russia between the Reds, blue collar workers, and the Whites, white collar workers, so to speak. Russia was an Orthodox Christian Country, but now it was a seed bed of atheistic Communism. Czar Nicholas and his family were murdered under Lenin’s instructions. The idea was to set up a world comintern (congress) bringing all countries into the fold controlled by the Communist. The communist plans served as a role model for FDR's United Nations. Countries were either in the fold or candidates for the fold, and that includes America. Any fool would know that, government owned/government controlled (communism) doesn’t work. People are only motivated by what is profitable to them and that system of government is not profitable to the people. Time went on until 1989 when under Gorbachev the Communist USSR came tumbling down. Gorbachev and Reagan were in accord and envisioned world peace with the Warsaw Pact and NATO dismantled, but Bush Sr. didn't share in Reagan's thinking.

Bush Sr. took over America’s reigns from Reagan and he was thinking like a Caesar, Lenin, Alexander the Great, Caligula or any other world conqueror. Bush’s pride, the sin of Satan, told him there was only one world power and now he controlled it. A “New World Order” as he put it.

After Gorbachev, Russia had Yeltsin as its leader but he was in love with Vodka and Russia suffered. Next Vladimir Putin was voted into office. After Putin was voted into office, he had become Orthodox Christian and no lover of Communism. Putin envisioned a Russia like it used to be, having Christian values and minding its own business with respect to and from other countries, especially America.

Bush Sr. was deep into the M&SIC, Military & Security Industrial Complex, with his interest in the Carlisle Group, a major player in the M&SIC. Follow the money trail. He got America involved in the Kuwait/Iraq squabble which was profitable for the Carlisle Group, and him. He was followed up by the pervert Clinton who got America involved in the unconstitutional war with Serbia. Then Bush “the shrub” lied to declare war on the sovereign country of Iraq. That war brought money to the Bushes and their ilk. Cheney, the VP, controlled the KRB which was a major recipient of money out of that war. Next the involuntary socialist Barack Obama took over. From his youth had been nurtured into one world Communism. Neither the Bushes, the Clinton’s or Obama cared about America’s Christian foundation but they were against anybody who did. The Christian nation became an "Anti-Christian" one. Putin was bringing Christian values to the table hence they hated Putin. The leaders of America practiced hegemony: Preponderant influence or authority especially of one nation over others... with them expecting nations to bow to their wishes. This has not been accepted by Putin so America and Putin are clashing.

America's propaganda machine has convinced the American people that Putin and Russia are their bogey man. Besides, the M&SIC needs an enemy so they can justify all the money they spend.  Seven hundred and fifty billion annually as of now.  The M&SIC are businesses, too big to fail, so keeping Russia as the enemy is "good business." 

No, America isn't picked on, but it's leaders are constantly looking for ways to tell the people it is. They are too dumb to acknowledge God, but God will deal with America accordingly. Fear God: Respect Him for who he is: And do the right. I advise every American to read Revelations 18, changing the references to Babylon to America. People learned in biblical prophecies will understand, and tremble for America.