"This constitution is for the governance of a moral and religious (Godly heart felt belief) people. It is UNFIT for the governance of any other."

John Adams


Now that the elections are over, I fear the whole of the voting process in America is in jeopardy, as the involuntary socialists, calling themselves Democrats, make a push to do away with the Electoral College all together – A system that protects us from the unvarnished will of the mob. Incidentally, if the Democrats had won, it would be a different, un-Godly, story for America. 

For the moment we've dodged a bullet, and yet, I fear we're going to see more and more of a push toward getting rid of the Electoral College. 

But our entire system has been set up to limit the strength of all direct forms of power, including direct democracy, which is among the worst of all forms of governments.  Contrary to popular belief, as we vote, we vote to determine the wish of our state, not directly for the candidate who will be president. This was done to come up with some sort of  balance between the rural, suburban and urban States regarding representation. Otherwise, by population, it would take only about seven states to run the entire United States. Approximately seven industrial States have the majority of the people in the country. The rural and suburban States would fall to the whim of the urban industrial States. With this idea of the electoral college, everybody in the United States is represented.

In addition, each state is limited to two Senators regardless of population. This too was done to ensure better representation to all the people and states as a whole. With that same thought in mind, Congressman represent a certain number of people in their respective states. Larger states have more congressmen dispersed among the rural, urban and suburban areas in the state.

Senators, before the 17th “change in our constitution,” were appointed by their states' legislators. Their original function was to represent their states' interest in the federal government: Period. This was changed with the 17th Amendment so that now senators are elected by popular vote in their state. Today you might call the senate a bloated aristocracy. Senators are bought by the highest bidder, regardless of where they get the money to be elected comes from.

Occasionally they had to have their state's interest in mind but not any more. There is even a tenth amendment to insure we remain a United States, not a central government ruled from the District of Columbia, but who pays attention to the 10th Amendment. If we were to degenerate to a popular vote, a democracy, why bother having States? Next thing you know we would be practicing “lynch mob justice” or by it’s nice name, a democracy. By the way, there is NO mention of democracy in the Constitution, only a Constitutional Republic. 

In the scheme of things the president and congress were basically insignificant in the latter years of the 19th century. They were a skeleton power only to come to life when needed. One year, the federal government only convened for 11 days, that’s right, 11 days. No power per se, no pensions, no cookies to lure politicians to DC. People and states were basically self sufficient and they didn’t need a bloated District of Criminals living off the sweat of the peoples' brows.

Biblical speaking, in the days of Nimrod, the people all spoke the same language. God saw this concentration of power or central government as very dangerous. The people decided to build a tower, the tower of Babel, to the heavens and declare themselves equal to God. God responded by confounding language so the people lost their ability to communicate with each other. Is this the goal with our quest for a global government today? Is ancient history repeating itself? The only thing new is the history you haven’t read yet. 

The Founders were well versed in the bible and history and designed the federal government along Christian principles. Government in the United States had as little concentration of power as it could. The government that governs best – governs least. The Federalists, like Alexander Hamilton, were all for a central government, but not Washington, Jefferson, Franklin and others, and they won in the forming of the government. Things have changed so now we have a repugnant central government New World Order crowd running America, something like Nimrod. Instead of learning as the Founders did, like Lemmings to the sea, they are hell bent on destroying America and the FOOLS don’t even know it.