First - We have the soap box. That one references politicians standing on a soap box, of sorts, in front of crowds giving speeches on the grand and glorious things they are going to do for the people. Some politicians are honest in what they say, but by and large today’s politicians are looking after their own interest and will say and do anything to get elected. I know how the system works. Four times I ran for office and saw people confront politicians. 

Politicians don’t even think about the repercussions of their actions and the condition of America proves it. When is the last time you had the opportunity to elect an honest politician? Do you even know? Reagan said: Trust, but verify. But do we? Would we elect an honest politicians? Are we ready to pay the price it will take to get America back on track.

Second - We have the ballot box. The ballot box comes into play the day that the people have the chance to pick the candidate they think will best serve their wants the best. Unfortunately, now-a-days, all too often we have to pick between the best of the worst and the predators among us have a lot to say. Election day is a duel between the predators and producers, hopefully. All too often we have to pick between two wolves in sheep’s clothing.

Third -  When things go wrong we might find ourselves in front of a jury box. We’re charged with a crime and have a chance to prove our innocence or be proven guilty by a jury. The way America was established, juries have the ultimate power and control, more than the entire governmental system. Judges were/are elected by and answerable to the people. Prosecutors are employees of the State and represent the states side in any dispute. This idea of having public defenders is questionable at best. Public Defenders are employees of the State and represent the States or the defendants interest. They walk both sides of the street.  That’s not to say all public defenders do not have the interest of their clients at heart, but you must admit temptation is there.

What goes on behind closed doors? Judges in the moral sense should be nothing but referees. They should have NO say in the juries' decision but you see the way the system is working. Way back when, judges had no say in the defenses choice of evidence or anything else. Today, judges can determine the result of a trial by sustaining or not sustaining, dictating what can be and can’t be evidence, the words they “charge” a jury with etc.

In the past, jurors that knew the defendant and his or her track record could be picked to be on the jury. People were genuinely tried by their peers. Moral juries should represent the ultimate power in the United States but when is morality, the transcendental law, the arbiter in courts in America?

Fourth -  When all else fails, there’s the bullet box. This is the absolute last resort and why the founders gave us the 2nd Amendment. The Founders had just rid themselves of a tyrannical government, and in writing the Constitution and Bill of Rights they wanted to take every precaution they could to ensure America’s survival. Only a moral government and moral people are given the option of using the bullet box in the eyes of God. This use of the Second Amendment was first demonstrated in the writing of the Declaration of Independence.

John Adams.
We’ve been proving him right, haven’t we?