It has become apparent that the foreign policy of Washington, Jefferson and other founders, the policy that brought America to its greatness is about dead and buried. In President Washington’s Farewell Address, he emphasized that America should: “Steer clear of  permanent alliances with any portion of the foreign world…” Washington and Jefferson stressed the point that if America took sides in other people’s conflicts then, their enemies would become America’s enemies.

Duh! Any fool can look at our present foreign policy and see the point those great men made was true. America’s LEGITIMATE foreign policy is all about NOT INTERVENING IN OTHER PEOPLE’S AFFAIRS , not isolation stupid! Since the Spanish America war and WWI and President Wilson, America has been taking sides in other people’s battles and where is it taking us? With America’s action on the foreign field, foreign countries actions write the rules for America’s foreign policy. Words like "hegemony" (a preponderant influence or authority of one nation over another); "colonialism" ( control of one power over a dependent area or people); "vassal" ( a person acknowledging another as his feudal lord and “protector”) have entered into America’s foreign policy vocabulary.

Hogwash! Politicians, along with the Military Security Industrial Complex, M&SIC, agendas have taken, are taking, America down the road to ruin by adopting intervention as a permanent US foreign policy.

The M&SIC’s business counts on killing people and breaking things, fear and terror to expand their business. If these things were not occurring, why would we need a M&SIC to the extent we have? Peace and tranquility are bad for business. Proponents of evil in every form, they are looking to be elected and be appointed, again and again and we listen to them. Insanity!

America’s original foreign policy held throughout most of the nineteenth century, but was abandoned with America’s entry into the war of 1898, the Spanish American war for Cuba. With that war America started down the road to repugnant imperialism. The newspaper magnet William Randolph Hurst contracted the notable American painter Fredrick Remington to go to Cuba and “Paint the battles.” Upon arrival in Cuba, Remington cabled back to Hurst, “There are no battles to paint.” With that, Hurst sent this infamous cable to Remington: “You furnish the pictures, I’ll furnish the war.” With a bold statement like that, Hurst proved that propaganda called news filtered through the mainstream media to the American people is the basis of America’s foreign policy. Today we call it “fake news.” Constitution be damned, along with America if we listen to those people. 

At that time America engaged in a war for Panama, and a war for the Philippines. These wars were the imperial minded Teddy Roosevelt’s wars. America’s involvement in WWI was continuing to develop a new foreign policy for America. In fact, since the war of 1812, every war America has entered into was and are “offensive wars” in that America has declared war or gone to war without a declaration of war on nations but nobody has declared war on America, unless America forced them to, like Japan. Politicians force countries into war and then make heroes out of themselves by saying they declared war on us.  It’s outrageous! America’s “interest” gives enough cause to ignore the Constitution and for America to go to war all over the world in it’s quest for imperialism.

Up until WWII, when congress declared wars, wars had congressional backing, but since Truman’s Korean war, the wars America has engaged in have been unconstitutional in that congress hasn’t exercised its soul right to declare war. The “Acts” the government has used to declare war DO NOT circumvent the Constitution. We no longer bother with a declaration of war to send our soldiers to the killing fields around the world, but the Military & Security Industrial Complex, M&SIC is all for it. After all, terror: A physical and/or psychological acts, committed to maintain or gain submission,  manufactured fear, killing people and breaking things, promotes business. Today hegemony, our forced influence over nations, and establishing colonies of foreign lands is the name of the game.

Today the leaders of America, with the exception of Reagan, want the world to bow down to America. “Exceptionalism” It’s repugnant, disgusting and un-Christian American. It’s akin to pride, Satan’s sin. “Meek,” the humble power the strong hold over the weak without exercising it, is no longer in the American dictionary, but weak, lacking in character, integrity and truth, is.                                                                                      

You might say they envision a world wide involuntary socialist system, New World Order, headed by America, with them at the head. This was/is the goal for the establishment of the UN in New York City by the “Comsymp” FDR. At the end of the 20th century, and the dawn of the 21st century,  Bush, father and son, Clinton and Obama had / have in  mind a New World Order headed by an “exceptional” America with their tyrannical ungodly policies. Listen to the words spewing out of the mouths of politicians. America is going down the same road that every other tyrannical empire trod. Immoral insanity for listening to the persuasions of Satan instead of listening to the transcendental truths given us by God is the theory of today’s leaders, but not the theory of the founders. 

John Jay, the first Supreme Court Chief Justice had this to say: "No human society has ever been able to maintain both order and freedom, both cohesiveness and liberty apart from the moral precepts of the Christian religion. Should our Republic ever forget this fundamental precept of governance, we will then, BE SURELY DOOMED."

Unless America repents to the God we say we trust and is the legend on our coin, and gets back on the righteous course, John Jay’s prophetic words are chiseled in stone and our fate. Read Lincoln’s day of repentance. We needed it then and we need it more than ever now.