Wildey Moore


 The people’s rules/laws on these issues are spelled out in their Constitution and it’s up to the government to obey the Constitution. With this government, we are rewriting the dictionary and ignoring the Constitution to conform to our switch from a Voluntary Social Constitutional Republic to an Involuntary Socialist Communist (government owned/government controlled)or fascist (privately owned/government controlled) State, ruled by a command class. Does it matter who owns it if government controls it? The Constitution is the law of the land, not the edicts of judges and those in political power. The Communist godless dictator Lenin said…”People think in words and how they interpret words is WHO THEY ARE. Let us, he said to his generals… “We must invent words and change the definition of words so “WE CAN MOLD THE PEOPLE INTO WHAT WE WANT” It certainly would seem that is exactly what is happening. Even our code for morality: God’s rules for action and interaction, is changed to conform to the governments immoral and amoral agenda. In America “illegal” has but one definition and that interprets to: Breaking the law, acting unlawfully. What language does this government body speak? The one taught by the repugnant Karl Marx and Lenin? Does this government interpret words so that they conform to its agenda? Do bears pooh pooh in the woods? People coming to America ILLEGALLY must be dealt with LEGALLY. There are legal ways to enter America. Use them. I don’t care if they’ve got a 190 IQ and are willing to work 24/7 for less than minimum wage. They should receive nothing from government but a one way ticket back to where they came from and they should pay for their own ticket. Compassion is not another word for justice. We don’t want them in jail here because that costs the American people. Does the definition of law change with those holding power?  This gibberish that we call words to conform to the governments agenda is the words of absolute fools.                                                                                                    

Democracies; the amoral government system having the majority of power to create the rules that give no thought to morality and the rights of the minority. Democracies may write or do whatever they want but America is NOT a democracy, yet. If the majority of the people break the law, does that make their actions lawful? Are lynch mobs actions lawful? In a democracy they are. If government has the majority of power to sanction the breaking of the law, that is a democracy in action, not a Constitutional Republic. If the majority of the power rests with the government while people have the minority or no power, that’s what living in a democracy is all about? Ask the people that lived, or died, in the GDR, German Democratic Republic, the USSR, Nazi Germany or a myriad of other democratic criminal governments.

The reason illegals have been and are being allowed into America to work is because politicians have created conditions with their “entitlements” and minimum wage laws, the American worker has been priced out of the domestic and world markets. On top of these COGS, cost of goods sold to the people, the government has created “entitlements,” with other people’s money. Is anyone “entitled” to the fruits of another mans labors? Businesses must pay a fair wage to workers to stay in business and when you put minimum wage and entitlements on top, American workers are priced out of jobs. Duh! We determine what we’re worth by our work ethic. People aren’t worth their pay because of government “laws.” Government laws are driving them off the labor market. Because of our own doing we are an import, no longer an export, nation. “I saw the enemy and the enemy is us.” Take minimum wage for example, it is one of the biggest lies that politicians have perpetrated on the ignorant American worker to get his and her vote. Getting elected and fleecing their constituents is the “only” thing politicians are interested in these days. Statesmen are all but history. On top of this, government has counterfeited dollars to a point where the dollar has been devalued to a point where, instead of being backed 100% percent by gold or silver, today a dollar is only worth .04 cents, that’s right .04 cents                                                   

Think of it. Any sane businessman puts all of his cost of goods sold (COGS) for doing business in his selling price, if he hopes to remain in business that is. Government mandated entitlements and wages are a cost to do business and that’s why prices are what they are. This smells like a repugnant involuntary socialist state run by a command class to me. So what happens is, people might receive a higher minimum wage but they have to spend more with prices going higher. Minimum wage is a disgusting con perpetrated on voters to get their votes, nothing else. When you see minimum wages being raised, expect to see prices going up. Government loves to pit employees against employers and visa versa. “I’m from the government and I’m here to help you.” The money, loot, that the politicians send out with false promises to buy votes is money that they have taken by force from other American workers in the form of taxes. Government produces NOTHING so it has nothing of its own to contribute to the people. Government regulates, most of it being unfounded. Government is OVERHEAD, some good, the lions share bad. “The government that governs least; govern best.”  

Because this situation results in pushing the American worker off the domestic and world markets, for years government has turned a blind eye to illegal workers. How many illegals are there now? Eleven million, twenty million?  Illegals are cheap but very costly labor in the long run. American industry needs competitive labor so falling for this is a Catch 22, Damned if you do, damned if you don’t.  Politicians are liars lying to their own advantage and will tell you what they think you want to hear to get elected. Illegals serve another purpose. With their not having to prove citizenship, they are votes for the government people who sponsor them. Are there enough illegals even if they got ”legal” status that they could swing an election? On the other side, the illegals willingness to accept less than minimum wages has been used to make American businesses more competitive, in many cases, to keep them in business. Are American businesses biting off their nose to spite their face. Of course! Are the stupid beyond comprehension? Of course. Live for today because tomorrow America dies. Getting laws past to their “advantage” only creates laws. Any law is bondage to the very law it creates. Are we predators to our own country? Look around. I watch my little dog and find him having more common sense, whatever that was, than most people