This website is a prelude to a book on my life that Chris Moore and myself are writing.  Chris agreed to put in book form my answers to questions I’ve been asked over the years from friends and associates. We'll update the blog periodically with articles on everything from handguns to the terminal decline of these United States.

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"To be called iconic means you have big boots to fill. Wildey Moore's 'Survivor' semi-auto in .45 Winchester Magnum and other calibers not only overflows those boots, but showcases the brilliant mind of its designer — Wildey Moore. From the movies to the hunting fields, the Survivor series of brawny pistols continues to impress and astound those who see it. Words like 'ultimate' are bandied about all the time, but in this case, Wildey Moore's Survivor truly is the ultimate semi-auto, putting a bold period at the end of any sentence about the biggest, most powerful handgun around!"

Roy Huntington


American Handgunner Magazine